Terms and Conditions Hogspitroast

Author: Philip Lee Hewitson - Google+

Understanding how our service works

All of our menu options are served from a service area and does not include table service unless agreed prior to the event when an extra charge will be applied.

We might require to view the venue prior to the event an additional charge may be required for time and travel costs.

We will provide confirmation of booking by email or post.

All of our events are quoted to a set time any cleaning of the area used after the set time is not our responsibility unless agreed with executive catering and coach services managers.

We will require a hopper bin to clear any rubbish.

Confirmation of final guest numbers is required seven days prior to the event.

Our bar license is subject to a strict time limit under no circumstances will this be broken.

Payment in full is required seven day's prior to the event.

25% deposit of the final total is required to hold the date required, all deposits are none refundable unless agreed by Executive catering and coach services managers.

No refund is given 48 hours prior to the start of the event.

We can't be held responsable for extreemly bad weather conditions effecting our ability to provide the service.

A refund after payment has been made will include all deductions for costs incurred.

Payment method can be by: credit/debit cards, cheque, postal order, cash or BACS.

www.hogspitroast.co.uk is part of the executive catering and coach services company no part of this website may be use with out written consent.